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Featured here are many of the letters I have received thanking me for contributing to various articles, books etc. Also articles/photographs published in newspapers and magazines, alongside requests to use my images...

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I am on a quest to find a really good image of a green hairstreak butterfly  
to use as a reference for a painting and came across yours from 2012. I  
wondered if there was a way of getting permission to use this particular  
image? Any help would be really appreciated.

Gordon Corrins (Wildlife artist)


Hi John,
I tried to contact you on your blog but I am not sure it worked. I am research scientist interested in ladybirds and with several colleagues we are working on a paper about food preferences of ladybirds and their biology; I would love to use your picture (attached) showing the reflex bleeding from joints of this adult beetle. We will pinclude proper acknowledgments and authorship. If it is OK with you can you please send me a bit higher resolution image if available ??
All the best and thanks,
Dr. Adam Slipinski
Research Entomologist 

Australian National Insect Collection
CSIRO National Research Collections Australia




A story about the damage being done to historic clothing at Smallhythe Place in Kent. Illustrated with one of my photographs and published in the

Kent & Sussex Courier Newspaper March 1st 2013


The recent find (September 2012) of a sawfly larva that was at one point thought to be extinct, has made the local newspaper. Reproduced below is the article in question, published in the Kent & Sussex Courier on Friday 21st September 2012 and also in 'Kent Live'.

The article also appeared on the Cranbrook People website...


The 'Kent On Sunday' newspaper featured one of my photographs on Sunday 7th April 2012- It was of an Orange-Tip butterfly.(Incorrectly named by the paper incidentally)


My photograph of  a  Bee-fly was chosen as winner of the 'Photo of the month' competition by 'U.K. SAFARI' and appeared on their website for the month of April 2012


Our local newspaper ran a story about my photos with more featured inside.



Hi JJ,

I hope you're well! I'm the Photo Editor at HoneyColony and I came across your image and thought it would be the perfect compliment to an article we are running how honeybees detect flowers with electric waves. I think your image is gorgeous and would be a perfect illustration for this piece-

HoneyColony is an online magazine and ecommerce site that finds, evaluates, shares and distributes, products and ideas that support optimum health, and a holistic lifestyle.

The site, which was created by journalist and filmmaker Maryam Henein, (, has launched in BETA mode and is already creating a buzz. In exchange for digital rights, we will provide you with a photo credit with a link to your website or Flickr, and also offer you a platform to introduce your image to thousands of new viewers. Your image will only be used on You will also help us raise awareness about health and well-being.
Here is a short animated clip that explains HoneyColony's mission:

We think your image is beautiful and hope to see it on our site very soon.

With the sweetest of intentions,

Jessica Ary
Photo Editor 


Scarlet Jones | Reporter, Weald |

Hello John,

I hope things are good with you.
Just wondering if you might have a pic of the woolly bear bug? I’m writing a story about one which almost ate through important 19th century costumes and would like to use a pic of one to illustrate it.

Kind regards,

Wow – those are great.
Your photos are as inspiring as ever – thanks John.



Hello J.J.,

I'm writing to ask your permission to use the snakefly photo. 
I am a seasonal physical science technician for the National Park Service at Lava Beds National Monument. I'm 
writing a short little  blurb about snakeflies for the May edition of our resource management newsletter. This is an internal document and is not released to the general public, only to monument staff. I would like to use your photo one time in this document to inform others about snakeflies. Your photos are absolutely gorgeous, and I would greatly appreciate your allowance in its use for this purpose. I would, of course, give you credit underneath the photo. Please let me know if this sounds reasonable to you, I'd greatly appreciate it. 



I am producing a leafhopper book from the Natural History Museum, London where I work. Is it possible for me to include your lovely picture of an immature Ledra?
Kind regards,

Mick Webb


Toby Clark
John Muir Award Scotland Manager: 
We hope you agree that your fantastic bug images help bring to life John McCafferty’s story.
John McCafferty attends a residential school for boys aged 8 to 14 years old who are experiencing significant social, emotional and behavioural difficulties.
In achieving his John Muir Award, he has committed himself to outdoor learning and conservation, making himself (and others) very proud of his achievements.
Telling and celebrating his story is important, as John perhaps hasn’t had chances to achieve as much as others.
Best wishes


Prof. Dr. Mario Markus
Max-Planck-Institut für molekulare Physiologie

Dear John:

I am presently writing a scientific book (in german language) on endangered arthropodes (causes, trends, etc.). I will let you know the editor and the name of the book as soon as these facts are definitive.

I could send you the book when it is finished.

Herewith I ask you for permission to use your image of Alabonia geofrella (photo taken 18.05.2011)

Please let me know the text for acknowledging the picture to you
in the book.

Mario Markus.


Louise Coetzee 
The National Museum , Bloemfontein

Dear JJ,

Thank you so much for allowing me to use your photo and for the attached JPG.  What name should I use for the credit?

We publish the magazine only once a year in November – it is too expensive to print and mail it more often, and furthermore, as it is an in-house job (editing etc) it takes up too much time from us (who actually have other research work to do) to publish more often. 

I am very happy that I may use your photo, as for this type of article and magazine, it is much more appropriate than Scanning Electron Microscope photos.  I will see to it that you get a copy.



Scarlet Jones: Kent & Sussex Courier Newspaper
Hello John,

  I’m the new Weald reporter for the Courier.
Your photos are amazing! I think they are certainly worth a story, is there a number I could call you on or I come to Cranbrook on Thursdays, would you like to meet then?

Kind regards


John Badmin
British Journal of Entomology & Natural History
Dear Mr Jeffery,
I should introduce myself as the editor of the British Journal of Entomology. Through Joe Botting and then Tristan Bantock it was suggested that I write to you to ask whether I could use your photo of an Issus coleoptratus nymph for the journal?  I have lots of photos of the adult, of which one has appeared on the journal frontcover, but the article in this case is about the nymphs and where they live during winter..
To be reproduced in colour and duly acknowledged.
I look forward to hearing from you in due course.

best wishes,
John Badmin


Tim Ransom:
Badenoch and Strathspey Conservation Group
I am putting together a series of educational leaflets for the charity I work for in Scotland (Badenoch and Strathspey Conservation Group) and am currently working on one for Ladybirds and was hoping you would be happy for me to use one of your photos in this of a Cream-spot Ladybird?

It is purely an educational resource for locals to be put on the BSCG website to educate and empower locals re their wildlife so i'm afraid there is no money involved and we cant pay you for its use but of course I will give you clear credit, thanks and copyright on the leaflet if you are happy for me to use your shots.
As an example of what I am doing re these leaflets here is one I did recently on groundhoppers so you can see the kind of format and look I am going for ....

I would be most appreciative if you would be happy for me to use your shot.

Hope to hear from you



  1. Wow! Not surprised really! It's well deserved as your photos are both stunning and inspirational, and it's so good that they're reaching such wide audiences! Superb!

  2. Wonderful that you are getting the recognition that you deserve John. Have you thought of publishing a nature book yourself? You certainly have the photo stock. Well done. Jill C

  3. Awe, thanks for this. I have been trying to get a synopsis together for a possible book and have spoken to a writer friend who has advised of the sort of publisher to approach but I haven't as yet settled on just who to aim a book at to get maximum interest.Should it be Kids/Schools, photographers, entomologists,local interest, a serious, reference book? A humorous one?
    Anyhow, thanks for your interest Jill.

  4. I'm impressed that you write for magazines and newspapers on the subject. You obviously know your stuff! How long have you been photographing and studying insects and nature?

    1. Hi Mandy-thanks for this. everyone else I am learning all the time. It is such a broad subject and there is so much to take in that it's impossible to become knowledgeable in anything but small areas I feel. However, I do know a lot more than when I first started that's for sure. I suppose I have been photographing regularly for about 15 years or so but always had a strong interest. It was really the digital age that made macro photography so much more accessible to us all and through my photography has come a deeper appreciation of nature.


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