Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bug photos from the past year

Spider (cropped)Lime Hawkmoth- Mimas tiliae.Bishop's Mitre (Aelia acuminata)Soldier BeetleGreen Shieldbug nymphThistle Tortoise Beetle (Cassida rubiginosa)
Ladybird on Lithodora flowerAnthrenus verbasciFliesGarden snailFly macroPussmoth
Big Fly 01Rhagium mordaxCercopis vulnerata (Froghopper)Soldier Fly24-spot ladybird larva (Subcoccinella 24-punctata)Buffalo Hopper
Soldier beetles in copBroad-Bodied ChaserPalomena prasina (Green Shieldbug)Melanargia galatheaRed Tailed BeeLonghorn dorsal(ish) view
My favourite shots, a set on Flickr.
Whilst I've been unable to get out and about with the camera due to poor weather, flickr has just added a 'blogger' facility and so as a try-out, I thought I'd add a few shots here.

Back with a 'proper' blog very soon.

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