Monday, January 21, 2013

I think the cold may have affected my brain?

As January continues to be pretty bleak and even today there is more snow in the forecast, macro photography,especially involving invertebrates is just not worth the risk of damaging the camera.

Instead I have taken to using the little Lumix point and shoot for a while. The photos will probably not be a match for the DSLR but it makes for a good substitute until things improve.


I said in my introduction that January has been 'pretty bleak' and that sums it up quite well-it is both of those things.

As well as the compulsory snow pictures I have also been keeping an eye out for any wildlife that might be braving the weather...

This little robin was flitting around in one of my favourite woods today and settled just long enough for a quick snap.

A grey squirrel that was climbing a small tree right beside one of the footpaths decided that,as there were no other nearby trees to escape to, the best form of defense would be to freeze in one position and hope that it wouldn't be noticed.

Each time I held the camera up to get a photo, it immediately scurried round the other side of the tree. I'd then move to the side where it was and back it would go to the previous side! Eventually I was quick enough to get this shot before it disappeared once more.

Meantime, the lane that leads to the woodland mentioned above was looking very pretty again today...

Back in the woodland and right at the base of one of the trees beside the pond featured in the second photo in this update, I found what appears to be a fallen wasps nest? I imagine it had been higher up inside this hollow trunk at one time.

Hmm..looking at it again,could it be bees?


Changing tack for a second-here's something to consider...

Which path to choose?

Sometimes in life we get offered a choice of paths to choose and it's so easy to get it wrong isn't it. Should I choose the familiar safe,comfortable path that means I'll remain in my comfort zone? Or should I go for the one that I have never walked before and might offer excitement and even danger before I reach my destination?

Personally,I have been offered a choice of paths several times in my life and always opted for the safe, familiar one. The result of that is,I now have regrets and  'what might have been' moments. Isn't it better to walk the unknown path with all it's promise of what you may discover than continue to trudge the familiar path,knowing what's around every corner?

Wow! What happened there? I forgot for a moment this is a nature blog; I thought I was back in the psychiatrists chair!


Speaking of chairs,or at least benches-here's a sad,lonely and cold bench that is longing for a nice warm bum to come sit on it! Apologies, I just don't know what's gotten into me of late, I think my mojo has backfired? At least I didn't have the courage to follow the sentence about the 'bum' with what went through my mind!


I'm not sure what happened with this shot. I took it around the same time as t'others but it seems to have some very strange colour effects going on. I kinda liked it for all that and so decided to include it anyway.

Everyone seems to be photographing snowmen and so I thought that was a bit sexist and I should have a snow-woman instead!

I kind of like this one and actually had quite a conversation with her and she didn't interrupt me once!

Note: All complaints regarding this statement should be directed to Mrs Mary Whitehouse c/o Highgate Cemetery, London.
Well, I've never forgiven her for her stand against the permissive society!

Back in the real world-Herbie the terrier has been lovin' the snow and has gone from asking to be carried everywhere because of the amount of saturated ground, to running around until his feet, that he seems to have forgotten are sore, are so clogged with snow and ice that he's on the way to turning into a walking ice-sculpture.

I'll take my leave of you now and go sit down in a quiet corner until my brain stops giving me a hard time and encouraging me to spout all this nonsense!

Until the next time then...


  1. You are really great photographer. All of your photos are so wonderful and very nice. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Great picture. Your post is so wonderful. Thank you.

  3. Just getting around to catching up a bit.....! Another brilliant entry with superb pics!! Made me laugh about Herbie and the snow! You'd think he'd hate being all clogged up like it! What do you do when you get home? Leave him somewhere to thaw out? Lol!!


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