Friday, April 12, 2013

A short diversion before Spring hits the South East...

I sort of hinted in my last update that I might possibly base the next around moss and lichen.
I suppose I used these as a substitute for invertebrates, of which there were few around at the time. However, we have been promised the weather is about to become..." Ice creams and lollipops" very soon.
If this prophecy becomes reality, I expect an explosion in insects and bugs and so, I guess before that happens, now is a good time to add the pictures I already have collected.....


I can't claim to know anywhere near enough to be able to identify these mosses and lichen with any amount of certainty, they are appealing in their diversity and structure though and I hope make for interesting images...

These shots are a mixture of flash and natural light images and I have to admit, I can not remember which are which but you'll probably be able to tell by the light.

Having said I don't recall...I do remember that the three photos above were taken using flash.

Most of the photos above were taken on the same day,although different locations. On another day,when it had been raining I tried to add some shots of the droplets caught on the mosses...

And so there we are...a little diversion courtesy of the mosses that I found over a couple of days recently. Not a lot to add because, there's not a lot I know...

Until the next time then...

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  1. So Great as always to read/see! your blog....these moss & lichen are wonderful....especially the one with the Purple, Stunning...and the droplets below....I just love these tiny little worlds you find. And, also, SO pleased you started a section "for sale".....I can't wait to see greeting card selections and canvas possibilities...very exciting as your photos are Gorgeous! Keep clicking.....glad Spring is coming your way, at long last, eh! Sincerely, Stella

  2. Have to admit, never really took much notice of mosses. This has opened my mind to taking a closer look. Nice work JJ
    Oh, and i like the magnets, great idea.


  3. A gorgeous array of colour, textures, shapes and forms here JJ! It's a whole new world, and one I should take more time to take notice of! I especially love the 'droplet' series!
    Best wishes


  4. Thanks Stella,Jason and Maria...always nice to get comments on the blog


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