Monday, January 17, 2011

Bad light stops play...

The photographers curse...bad light!

Every photographer knows the importance of good light and just how frustrating the opposite can be.
This is especially so with macro photography. Whilst flash can be employed and frequently is to add detail and freeze movement, for me there's no substitute for ambient light.

A true macro lens will by default cause some light issues.  As you move closer and closer to your subject you are in effect cutting out light. A slow shutter speed could of course be employed but it's not always feasible to expect your subjects to sit perfectly still whilst you camera does it's work and that's leaving aside things like the wind speed etc.

Wintertime is double-trouble with the best days still hardly getting light enough unless you are lucky enough to be able to afford the top equipment.

And so it was today......a pretty poor day following on from several (or more) pretty poor days. However, always resourceful I found a dead crab spider in the garden and decided to experiment with long exposure shots being as I had a non-moving subject to practice on and all things being equal it'd stand me in good stead for the months to come experience wise.

Today's photo was taken as follows:
Canon 40d- Canon100mm Macro-Microscope objective (50mm)-Tripod-Light tent with diffused angle-poise lamp above
4second exposure @ f9
It's a full frame shot.

A Crab Spider (Thomisidae)
This one is probably Xyticus sp and was about 7-8mm.


  1. What a wonderful set of images, John, and useful blogging too. I never keep mine up to date.

  2. Thank-you Gill. Glad you've found me (I couldn't see a link to follow your blog?)
    Good luck with the 50d it's a great camera.


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