Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The extraordinary in the ordinary...

Or to complete the old Celtic philosophy...

"Let the mundane become the edge of glory, and find the extraordinary in the ordinary."

Fine weather today persuaded me to venture outside of Cranbrook again for an afternoon walk in Hemsted Forest. The forest is a nice place for walkers but with the dense fir and pine trees not the best of locations for insects and bugs although it can be a great place for birding.

I made a conscious effort therefore to steer clear of bug hunting and trying to keep the above maxim in mind, look at the winter flora instead with a view to photographing ordinary things in a way that would show them to their best.

On one of the brightest days of the year thus far I actually needed to add the C.P. filter to the camera. I enjoyed the challenge of taking these photos, I hope you get something from the results & can see my vision (or if not humour me).

Backlit chestnut leaves


Reflection of the photographer

Dried seedheads

Rose Bay Willowherb

Trees reflected in the puddles

'Herbie' the terrier enjoying the sun

1 comment:

  1. Great. as always..I love the reflections of the trees in the puddle

    Of course the Herbster had to get in on the act..


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