Monday, March 20, 2017

No more duck walks, how about a cow instead?

Monday 13th March 2017 and I wake to be greeted by a spring day, with warm sunshine. Time for a walk with the macro. Shall I go walking on sunshine, or perhaps, a walk on the wild side? I could do the walk of life if I knew what life was all about. Should I walk like a man, or walk like an Egyptian? Walk this way, or walk the line? Maybe I'll just go walkin' the dog, or should I walk the dinosaur? I'll try to avoid walking on broken glass, because that's not what these boots were made for...

The first sighting of an insect, was this tiny moth. It was sitting on a fence-post sunning itself. I am afraid that I have no idea of species, actually, I am not even afraid...I just have no idea. Then came this lovely small tortoiseshell butterfly. Once again, it was soaking up the warm sunshine and was favouring any bare patch of clay soil...

My next 'spot' was something of a surprise...

Another fence-post find; this time a woundwort shieldbug. I rarely see these away from their food plant and certainly this will be the earliest in the year I have found any. 

Then...another butterfly: this time a peacock...

Just in case you are phobic, here's a clue to what is coming next in this little blog update...

Got it? How about this second clue...

Oh calm yourself! It's only a little female crab spider, she won't harm you. Tell ya what, let's punctuate this update with a comma shall we...

Yes, this comma was the third butterfly species that I was able to photograph on this particular walk. I actually saw brimstone and red admiral as well. Meanwhile, on another fence-post I came across this teeny blue weevil...

And that was just about all I saw on this particular morning; aside from these bonking frogs, or are they toads perhaps?


  1. A superb set of images again! Great to see the Woundwort SB; been looking here and not seen any yet, but that's given me more hope! :-)
    Took me a few seconds to understand the connection between cottage cheese and spiders too! Lol!!! ;-)

    1. Hi...;-)

      Thanks for the compliment about my images once again. Yes, the WSB was a real treat and as I know you are 'shieldbug centric' these days ;-) Thought you may enjoy! Although, you probably wish I had used the scientific name? ;-) Hope you find them soon too.

      Curds and whey Maria, curds and whey ;-)

    2. Yes I 'got' the curds and whey afterwards! And Miss Muffet of course! ;-)


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